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May-2021-headshot-610x928There are more than 42K authors in the United States right now. Most of those authors publish multiple books each year in multiple formats. This equates to about one book per minute added to the Amazon catalog every day. Your book is just one of them. How can you stand out to get the attention you’re seeking to reach your ideal reader?

I’ve spent most of my 25-year career honing my skills as a small business development specialist for small- and medium-sized businesses. I spent one year of my career providing marketing support for a small publisher. In that time, I saw each part of the publishing process from submission, editing, proofreading, layout/design to publishing, promoting, and distribution.

I wasn’t prepared for the lack of support most authors faced in promoting themselves and their work once their books were published. Even traditionally published authors are on their own when it comes to promoting and selling books. The evolving world of digital and social media marketing can make marketing feel like a full-time job.

Five years ago, I shifted my business to serve only authors and provide author marketing services based on a simple system I’ve found works in most genres and for most authors. It’s not a quick fix and it’s not a guarantee that you’ll become wealthy and gain national media exposure. I have coached multiple authors to multiple category best-seller status and helped even more authors reach their marketing goals. I’d love to show you how!

If you’re feeling stuck or maybe not sure where to begin, schedule a free, 30-minute consultation with me to help you get unstuck or get started.

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