Every author is a small business.

Are you treating yourself like the business owner you are with the right author marketing system?

I’ve spent most of my career in small business marketing, most recently in publishing. What surprised me as I entered the publishing realm several years ago, is that self- and indie-publishing have outpaced the book selling market. Publishing has become accessible to anyone who wants to publish a book. What does that mean to authors? With nearly one book hitting Amazon shelves every minute of every day, your book can and will get lost — unless you do something to stand out in an overcrowded market. To market yourself (your business) and your work (your products). This was the beginning of author marketing.

I’ve taken my small business marketing experience and customized systems designed for the specific needs of  indie- and self-published authors at every marketing stage with my Six-Week Book Launch, Four-Step Book Launch, Retainer Author Marketing and One-On-One Coaching.

Are you ready to become more visible with your own author marketing system? Let’s get started.


Which System is Right For You?


One-on-One Coaching – This introductory, 8-week coaching program is for authors who understand the importance of traditional and digital marketing. Authors who want to increase visibility, but aren’t sure what they need or how to do it. This premium, one-on-one coaching program follows my proven author marketing program with adjustments for the unique needs of each author.  We’ll meet on the same day, at the same time  for 8 weeks, via Zoom video conferencing.

One of my Book Launch programs:

Six-Week Book Launch – This is a done-for-you system that creates visibility for a new book. This system might be for you if you are recently published or ready to publish and if you already have a website and established social media channels

Four-Step Book Launch – This is a simple, four-step, self-faced system.. We provide the instructions and the research, you work your book launch! Right now, this system is on sale for $100 off regular price. Don’t wait! Even if you’ve already launched, this might be the boost your book needs right now.

Author Retainer Marketing – This marketing program is for the professional author/speaker not ready to hire full-time staff or seeking support for his/her current staff due to the increased need for daily marketing efforts. This is a done-for-you service customized for the specific needs of the author.

Six-Month Author Marketing Plan – Every goal needs a plan. What’s yours? I’ll help you create a simple, six-month marketing plan to help you reach your goals.

Consulting on a project-by-project basis is also available. Email me directly to learn more.

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