Author Marketing Coaching

One-on-One Author Marketing Coaching

During this 8-week author marketing coaching program, we’ll meet weekly for a one-hour, one-on-one Zoom video conference. You’ll also have access to me by email between meetings. This is not a done-for-you service, but a done-WITH-you service. Together we’ll walk through the steps to evaluate, set-up, maintain, and monitor your author platform and marketing strategies.

I will work with you to:

  • Evaluate your past and current author marketing efforts;
  • Walk through the set-up and/or improving of social media marketing;
  • Help locate and establish resources for curating, creating, scheduling and analyzing content;
  • Discuss social media trends, tips, tricks and etiquette;
  • Plan live events, PR, and interviews;
  • Discuss holiday and year-end sales strategies, and more.

Once completed, you’ll have your customized, author marketing strategy and  the tools necessary to continue marketing yourself and your work.

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The tale of two authors

One author has finally published the book that’s been on his/her heart and mind for years. Now what? No platform. No presence. No problem. I can help.

One author has published multiple works and has experienced some success, but now…  stuck. What worked before, isn’t working. I can help. 

This author marketing coaching program is for authors who understand the importance of marketing to achieve their desired goals, but aren’t sure what they need to do or how to do what’s needed. Schedule your free consultation today.

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