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Life is full of them.

A phone call. A letter in the mail. A conversation that caught you off guard. The actions of a loved one. A social media post directed at you. Something you never expected to find in your home/computer/email/cellphone/etc.

Up until that moment, you were just cruising along. Minding your own business, and… bam. You got the wind knocked out of you.  There are words flying through your mind that you cannot/should not say. Your stomach drops. Your hands shake. Now what?

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Paying it forward, one quarter at a time To get a cart at our local grocery store you have to put a quarter in that thing on the handle. I…

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As we enter into the holiday season, it’s impossible to ignore the idea of giving. I don’t mean the kind of extravagance suggested by jewelry store and car maker commercials we’re so inundated with at this time of year. I mean that very basic, pine cone ornament, loom-knitted pot holder, hand-knit scarf, from the heart kind of giving. Thoughtful, not-because-I-have-to-but-because-my-heart-is-overwhelmed-with-love-for-you kind of giving. Do you feel it? It’s the kind of nostalgic, down-home, sugary sweet giving endeared by nanas and moms alike that cannot be achieved with a small blue box or car keys. 

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You’re busy, I’m busy

Many years ago, I had a friend who would sort of complain/brag about how busy she was.  She was often late and just exasperated.  The funny thing was that she just couldn’t explain what was making her so busy.


Music to my ears

God often wakes me with a song in my heart.  Actually, He speaks to me in song all the time, so it’s only appropriate that He would help set the tone of  my day in words and music. Sometimes, when I first hear the song He’s selected for our day, I giggle. God gets me.  Other times, I’ve been moved to tears because of the tender message my Father so preciously chose, just for me. He really does get me.

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Pick me, pick me!

One of my favorite YouTubers uploaded a vlog last week that I found less than appealing. And I wasn’t the only one. In fact, he had tens of thousands of dislikes. Pretty unusual for such a popular channel. I started to comment, something I’ve never done before, and wrote and erased a few responses. I decided no one would be interested in my opinion. Mostly because I wanted it to be constructive and not critical, so I wanted to be clear about my reasoning.

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I was driving to the office recently when I reached the point of no radio reception. I don’t have satellite radio, just the good, old fashioned FM kind, so I’m at the mercy of radio towers. I’ve got one Christian radio station up north where I live and another further south toward the office. Every morning, I hit that point of no reception in between radio towers.


Take 2

Why do we look at this woman as unattainable or unreasonable? I’ve heard women say this idea is outdated, but I disagree. We are her. When I pray this Proverb, this is how I see myself in God’s promises:

I am a virtuous and capable wife. I am precious to God and my family. My husband trusts me and I greatly enrich his life. I bless him, and do not hurt him, all the days of my life.


I’ll never forget being called a Proverbs 31 woman. It was days before our wedding. A never-married, middle-age woman held both my hands and smiled as she told me with certainty, that I WOULD be a Proverbs 31 wife. I was a baby Christian and found myself both flattered and terrified at the prospect of measuring up to this mysterious Proverbs 31 lady. I thought, does she know me? Is this prophetic? Is it realistic?! 

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I’ve heard this before…God tells us fear not 365 times in the bible. I heard it again today as if I’d never heard it before. I had one of those beautiful God moments, where it felt like it was just  for me. But I’ll share it with you!

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