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Why You Need a Proofreader What is a proofreader? A proofreader is a type of editor. They double-check your book to rid it of small errors that cause distractions to…

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You’re probably not going to become rich and famous when you publish this book. I know that’s hard to hear. Author, what’s your motivation? The publishing industry isn’t what it…


When the question you might want to ask yourself is, why aren’t I selling more books? The answer isn’t the same for every author. It’s not dependent on genre, it…

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One of the first questions I ask an author.

Was your book professionally edited?  I thought this was a given – You write, you edit, you proofread and you publish. But the truth is, many self-published authors often skip this step due to the cost. And this will cost you. But if you do decide to skip this step, it could cost you more in sales.


You’re excited. Who wouldn’t be? Your book is finally done!

But once you’ve clicked publish, it’s too late to undo anything.

Every author will tell you about the mistakes they made the first time around, just ask. They’ll tell you about the things they forgot to do or the things they wished they’d done. You will make mistakes the first time around. But take your time and try to minimize them.

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Before you upload that manuscript.

You’ve finally emerged from your writing cocoon after lovingly combing over every word.  Your book is finished!  Your baby is ready to meet the world. But is it?


Is your work protected? Did you know that just because you added the word copyright and a year, that your book isn’t protected under U.S. Copyright law. Mailing it to…

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