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Once you‘ve published and launched your book, the promotion and engaged your readers, you might be wondering what’s next? How do you use it to leverage yourself into new audiences, new markets and connect with the people you need to meet to help your business grow?

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Let’s talk about time management. Last week on Instagram, we talked about monitoring your time to see how you were really spending your day. It can be shocking when you…

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I think the better question is – why not? If you’re working to build a relationship with your reader, why approach it from the product, as in book marketing, instead…

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This can feel a little awkward, I know, but let’s talk about the idea of promoting your work in a crisis. In author Facebook groups, I hear from authors who…

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When the question you might want to ask yourself is, why aren’t I selling more books? The answer isn’t the same for every author. It’s not dependent on genre, it…

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Book signings are a great way to connect with your readers.  If you’ve never done a signing, don’t be intimidated. Let’s walk through some basic steps to help you prepare.…

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