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November 1, 2017

Brings The Followers All Day

If your business/organization is active on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, you’ve seen and probably dabbled in hashtags. They are a quick and easy way to help build your social media presence.

What are hashtags?

When someone clicks on a hashtag in a post, a list of every post using the same hashtag on the social media platform is generated. So if you include #cutekitties in your post about your beloved cat, and someone clicks on that hashtag on another post or searches for #cutekitties, your post will show up in the search.

Dos and don’ts of hashtags

Each social media platform has its own social hashtag etiquette. But just like cookies and criticism, less is usually more. Try to keep hashtags at the end of your post, unless you run out of room and need to incorporate them into your post (i.e. Twitter). Create one that is unique to your brand identity, to build that buzz!

While the ever-changing Facebook search algorithm is supposed to take hashtags into consideration when indexing content, they’re not as popular and not as effective. Facebook employs more of a keyword strategy, like the SEO strategy used on your website.
When using hashtags on Twitter, it’s best to use only a few. A maximum of three is a good rule of thumb. Of course, limited character space requires more concise hashtag choice.

Instagram is hashtag heaven! Got hashtags? Use them! Use your brand hashtag, daily hashtags, feelings, locations, product, colors, etc.
And of course, search for people who are using the same hashtags you are using and follow them, like their posts, share/retweet when possible. This will help you to build your follower base and achieve your primary goal – to build authority and get more customers!
A great way to get started on your brand’s road to viral hashtag status is to use daily hashtags. Often, you’ll see these trending on Twitter. They are a social media marketing staple. Here a few to help you get started. Look for variations on some of the more popular ones but don’t be limited by this list. Look to see what your competitors are using or similar accounts. Have fun!


• #motiviationalmonday – use a quote from someone you admire or a leader in your industry.
• #mondayblues – Sort of self-explanatory
• #mondaymoods – Probably leans more toward a downer post
• #mondayfunday – This is the attitude you want on a Monday!
• #manimonday – If you’re posting for a salon… that’s open on a Monday.


• #tiptuesday – Share an industry tip to help build your industry authority
• #tuesdaytrivia – Make Tuesday fun with some quick, light-hearted trivia
• #tuesdaythoughts – Share something silly or deep.
• #tuesdaymotivation – Use an inspiring quote.
• #tuesday – Sort of an open-ended opportunity to share what’s happening at your organization.


• #humpday – Halfway through the week – Tell your followers what you’re up to.
• #wednesdaywisdom – Wise words for your followers.
• #womancrushwednesday – Spotlight industry leader you admire (don’t be creepy! Brag about her accomplishments.
• #wellnesswednesday – An apple a day… or 8 glasses of water, you get the idea.
• #waybackwednesday – Great opportunity to share your company or industry history.


• #throwbackthursday – Sometimes used as #TBT – Share old pictures of your team or company.
• #thursdaythoughts – Another day to share some inspiration.
• #thankfulthursday – Thank a teammate or client.


• #followfriday – Thank your followers by handle and ask your tribe to follow them.
• #fridayfeeling – Post something silly or fun ahead of the weekend.
• #fridayfun – Use behind-the-scene photos of your team/business.
• #feelgoodfriday – Share an encouraging story or photo.
• #fridayreads – Share a good article or book

Unless your business operates seven-days-a-week or you run a brand social media account, I have found that there isn’t a great deal of interest in business on Saturday and Sunday. However, #smallbusinesssaturday and #sundayfunday are great hashtags that will get you quite a bit of traction over the weekend. Then just be ready to be back-at-it-again with a snappy start to your work week on Monday morning!

I’d love to hear about your trials and successes with hashtags. Please feel free to email me or leave your comments below.

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