Is Artificial Intelligence Really a Bad Thing?


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April 23, 2023

You probably haven’t noticed, but you’re already using Ai.

With all the fuss over artificial intelligence over the last few months, most recently by the big tech guys calling for a slowdown, I thought I’d do a bit of research to see how impacted we are by Ai in our everyday lives. Especially from your perspective as an author. 

I’m a little skeptical when I hear someone like Elon Musk, who’s been talking about implanting humans with a chip for a few years, wants the developers of ChatGPT to slow down. Afterall, Elon was on the board and an early investor at ChatGPT. Is it really beginning to look like the rise of the machines in Terminator or are they threatened by the advances and perhaps loss of revenue. Only time will tell.

Back in December, I shared a blog post in an email about an author who used Ai to write and illustrate a book he then published for free on Amazon’s KDP platform. The entire process took a few weeks. It was a completely free book. No costs incurred writing, editing, proofing, cover design, interior layout, or publishing. The publishing world was shocked. But should it have been? 

It’s right in front of you.

Most authors use Ai daily, but might not recognize it for what it is. On social media, I hear authors discussing their reliance on Grammarly to edit their first drafts. That’s Ai, folks. Autocorrect and editor functions in Google Docs and Microsoft are also Ai. Autocorrect on our phones and on social media, also Ai. 

More everyday uses for Ai include website chatbots, travel sights that sell flights and hotel rooms based on estimated high traffic times – all Ai. Self-parking and self-driving cars as well as navigation in apps and our cars, also Ai. Let’s not forget facial recognition and temperature scanning used by security companies. The list goes on. But I think you probably get it. 

Using it for good.

Yes, Ai is probably not always used for good. But like any tech, it can be used for tremendous good. 

I don’t believe Ai can replace an author when it comes to writing a novel. Just like Grammarly and other online editing tools can’t capture the nuances of your unique writing voice, today’s Ai isn’t advanced enough to do it either. If you’ve used ChatGPT to write copy, and I would suggest you give it a shot, you’ll see what I mean. It’s still machine writing. 

Ai Social Media Automation for Authors

I have come up with a few great uses for ChatGPT that I think will help authors to spark some creativity when feeling stuck and save time creating content and writing marketing copy. I have a free download with six ideas you should try today. I’ve also created a mini course to teach authors how to use ChatGPT and Canva to create a month or more of social media content in minutes. MINUTES. It’s a technique I’m teaching in Author Marketing Coaching and have used on my platform and with some of my clients. It’s a game changer.  You can download the free PDF and check out the course here.

As always, if you’re feeling stuck or just want to catch up, I’m here. Schedule a free, Unstuck, no-obligation call. You can also reach me directly by just responding to this email. I read all responses.

Remember – Genisys is Skynet! (Terminator Genisys 2015) 


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