About Me

There are more than 42K authors in the United States right now. A large percentage of those authors publish multiple books each year in multiple formats. This equates to about a book per minute hitting the Amazon catalog every day. It’s mind boggling, isn’t it?

I’ve spent most of my 30-year career honing my skills as a public relations, marketing, and small business development specialist for small- and medium-sized business. When I was presented with the opportunity to use those skills for a publisher, I grabbed it. I love books and I love to read. 

I wasn’t prepared for the lack of support the majority of authors faced  in promoting themselves and their work. It makes sense when you think that published authors are gifted writers who specialize in their chosen genre… not marketing. Even traditionally published authors are completely on their own when it comes to promoting and selling books. And then if you take into consideration the every-evolving world of digital marketing. It’s a full-time job. 

Four years ago, I shifted my business to serve only authors and provide author marketing services based on a simple system I’ve found works in most genres and for most authors. It’s not a quick fix and it’s not a guarantee that you’ll become wealthy and gain national media exposure. But I have coached multiple authors to multiple category best-seller status and helped more authors reach their marketing goals. 

If I can,  I’d love to help you – whether you’re traditionally, hybrid, co-published or self-published. Take a look around. Visit my author service page for more details about my programs and schedule some time to talk.

Also, please be sure to connect with me on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.

I look forward to hearing from you!