5 Steps From Book Launch to Signing

Working with me is a simple, 5-step process that takes you from book launch to signing.

Step 1: Introduction Meeting

We’ll review everything you’ve done up to now to promote your book. We’ll also do a social media check-up and finish off by collecting anything we’ll need to complete the next steps, ensuring a healthy start.

Step 2: Social Media Marketing

We’ll begin to market your book on social media.

Step 3: Public Relations/Advertising

In this step, we’ll begin corresponding public relations and pay-per-click campaigns across active social media channels.

Step 4: First Book Signing

We’ll have your first book signing scheduled and review protocol, publicity, and promotion of this first event.

Step 5: Wrapping Up and Looking Forward

We’ll conduct a final follow-up with you to go over the previous steps and make sure you have everything you need to continue to successfully promote and sell your new book!

In the end, you will have successfully transitioned from book launch to book sales.

Will this method solve the challenge you are currently facing?

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