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Life is full of them.

A phone call. A letter in the mail. A conversation that caught you off guard. The actions of a loved one. A social media post directed at you. Something you never expected to find in your home/computer/email/cellphone/etc.

Up until that moment, you were just cruising along. Minding your own business, and… bam. You got the wind knocked out of you.  There are words flying through your mind that you cannot/should not say. Your stomach drops. Your hands shake. Now what?

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And that’s just what they’ll do

I was at the receiving end of an incredibly lengthy, hurtful, unwarranted and just really unkind text rant earlier today. We’ve all heard the saying – hurting people, hurt people. If you’re a human being walking the face of the earth, you’ve been at both ends of this pain. But why? Why do we lash out at people we love and strangers alike? Because we’re human. Because we can. Because, we shouldn’t… but we do it anyway. It’s too complicated a question for me to even begin to delve into in my little bitty blog. So let’s talk about what I do know. My reaction.

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