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Music to my ears

God often wakes me with a song in my heart.  Actually, He speaks to me in song all the time, so it’s only appropriate that He would help set the tone of  my day in words and music. Sometimes, when I first hear the song He’s selected for our day, I giggle. God gets me.  Other times, I’ve been moved to tears because of the tender message my Father so preciously chose, just for me. He really does get me.

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Pick me, pick me!

One of my favorite YouTubers uploaded a vlog last week that I found less than appealing. And I wasn’t the only one. In fact, he had tens of thousands of dislikes. Pretty unusual for such a popular channel. I started to comment, something I’ve never done before, and wrote and erased a few responses. I decided no one would be interested in my opinion. Mostly because I wanted it to be constructive and not critical, so I wanted to be clear about my reasoning.

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