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Selling books is like solving a puzzle. I love puzzles. There is something so satisfying in taking what looks like ill-fitted pieces that make little or no sense separately, and putting them together to create something amazing. It is problem solving at it's core. I take that same approach in helping authors sell more books. Give me your broken pieces and let me help you sell more copies of your masterpiece.

February 9, 2017

NOTE: I wrote this a few months ago and for some reason, didn’t click publish. Not sure why. 

My position at work was recently eliminated.
Scary, right?
Someone even pointed out that this was especially scary given my age.
Great. Hadn’t thought of that.

I’m sure there are studies about the emotional turmoil you go through when you lose (Not a fan of this term since I didn’t lose it, it was taken from me.) your job. Like grieving there’s sadness and disbelief, followed very closely by anger and resentment. Then comes acceptance. I blew through the stages in a matter of days. No kidding. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time this has happened to me. But I’m different. Still a Daughter of the King, but today I trust Him completely.

Still, in trusting that God has my back and is my provider, still there is that why? I know God didn’t demand that my company eliminate my job. But He did know it was going to happen. I kept telling my husband that I felt like something big was coming and that God was calling me to Him to prepare. So that when it happened, and this was so awesome, I wasn’t afraid. Not. At. All. Not afraid of how I would feed my family. Not afraid about the bills. Not afraid about heating the house this winter. Not afraid about Christmas. Not afraid about what was coming next. Nope. In fact, I am excited!

The Bible tells us in Jerimiah 29:11 that God had a plan and purpose for our lives and that is NOT to harm us. Jesus told that we would have trouble in this world but that he has given us His peace (John 14:27). God’s word tells us not to be afraid – 365 times! Who am I to argue with the Bible?

First, before my many titles – wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, employee – I am His. I am so much more than a worldly label. This world is temporary. My home is in Him.

Blessed to be a blessing,


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